With our  lean development methodology for unified product engineering, we are uniquely equipped to develop products that deliver value.
Our ninja teams spring into action quickly and prepare prototypes that you and end-users can use and provide early feedbacks.  Usually in 50 hours, thats way shorter than most companies would take to respond to your query.
Our focus on emerging technologies and experience in creating reliable and scalable products enables us to design modern solutions for contemporary business problems.
Eliminate Waste
Amplify Feedback
Deliver as fast as possible
Empower the team
Build integrity right into the product
See the whole


We specialize in creating cutting edge SaaS and hybrid products at blazing fast speeds.


If you need a trusted partner, a company that takes its responsibility seriously, someone knows to be proactive and flexible to meet your requirements, and experts in the build and management of critical applications and solutions, then we should work together. As your provider, we take full responsibility for applications and infrastructure that are vital to your business. By outsourcing to Zettamonk, you will reduce your cost of “build” and “operations” .
Our guarantee for our customers:
  • Lean methodology for development
  • Sharpest and smartest brains working on your solution
  • Continuous alignment of IT with business objectives
  • Full transparency on monitoring our services

Data Integration

Your business depends on data. We integrate data from multiple sources and make it accessible where and when you need it. Our data integration services let you:

  • Do Proof Of Concept in 3 weeks
  • Jumpstart and deliver data integration projects in days instead of months
  • Achieve measurable results from data integration
  • Deploy on premise, in the cloud or hybrid
  • Ensure business users and IT can collaborate with analyst
  • Self-service
  • Support mission critical processes with data

Our ninja integrators will work with you to design a project delivery plan that considers your specific needs and goals. Depending on the type and duration of the engagement, we apply a variety of resources as the project demands. You have the option of 100% on-site deployment or staff augmentation or offshore R&D.

Developed from the real-world experience of several data integration projects, our lean integration approach helps you avoid common pitfalls and achieve predictable, timely results. Feel free to write to us at info@zettamonk.com to find out more.

Big Data Analytics

We provide Big Data consulting, analytics and development services‚ creating new ways of analyzing data to gain key business insights across the enterprise.

Our Big Data team is completely home grown and thus we have developed lean processes and in-house expertise that is unmatched. Our experience extends across the Big Data ecosystem including Hadoop‚ NoSQL‚ NewSQL‚ machine learning‚ and data visualization.

We are certified integration and implementation partner of Hortonworks- The true open-source hadoop distribution.
We also have strategic partnerships with VoltDB, Terracota, Bizalyticks and BaseLayer.

Our core value propositions are:

  • Do Proof Of Concept in 3 weeks
  • Jumpstart and deliver data integration projects in days instead of months
  • A lean practitioner team that can quickly build rapport and align with all your business departments and functions
  • A no-nonsense approach to solving business problems using appropriate Big Data tools
  • Expertise in Big Data development, infrastructure and integration
  • Methods to mitigate security risk in Big Data landscape

We conduct mentorship and awareness program for your organization leaders and C-suite executives so that the Big Data adoption and culture comes from the top.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

We combine the best in mobile technology, methods of engagement, and systems integration — to deliver innovation that matters, and business value that lasts.

We offer mobile-based business solutions, mobile application development and industry-focused mobility solutions.

Our core value propositions are:

  • Result oriented consulting
  • Strong emphasis on usability design and continuous iteration till complete user adoption
  • Ready to deploy modules for emerging technologies like NFC, geo fencing, BLE & image recognition
  • Seamless integration with the rest of the enterprise IT infrastructure
  • High availability and real-time analytics solutions on mobile data using Spark, VoltDB or Tez
  • Process to mitigate risk in mobility solutions and BYOD policies

Our mobile development team has developed unique testing and continuous integration tools specifically for mobile platforms.

Product Development

We offer application development and maintenance services that offer the full scope of product planning, development, integration and ongoing management.

Our unique lean methodology offers a robust and predictable approach for both new and existing applications.

We pride ourselves in being equipped with the emerging technology stacks. We have invested a lot of time on building the competency in these tools and aligning them with our lean development processes.

Our offshore software product life cycle management aims to accelerate the creation of software products, reduce time to market and help predict schedules. With Zettmonk as your offshore application development partner, you can realize your product vision successfully.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Iterate as quickly as possible. Build daily and use continuous integration
  • Validate assumptions at every step and pivot accordingly
  • Minimize waste (unnecessary code, process delays, unclear requirements, bureaucracy, slow internal communication)
  • Build security in the product right from the beginning
  • Plan for scalability in advance
  • Always keep the business objective in sharp focus and never forget the 'true north'.


The members of our ninja team. We are relentless and passionate about making a difference...

Anchal Rajput
Callsign: Maverick
Software Architect
Anchal heads our technical efforts in all the focus areas. He has over 7 years of experience in challenging software projects. He translate business requirements into scalable solutions. His expertise includes architecting distributed and flexible application architectures, information integration, big data and systems integration. A veteran coder at heart, he often joins the action with our dev team.
Dr. Sathish M
Callsign: Cloudy
Data Scientist
Sathish is our jedi master of data science. With over 13 years of experience in research and consulting, he has an enviable list of credentials including 20+ research papers, a PhD in cloud computing, post doctoral fellowships and senior memberships of several IEEE and ACM SIGs. He is also part of the team drafting IEEE intercloud standard (IEEE P2302).
Swapnil Jain
Callsign: Goose
Infrastructure Architect
Swapnil is our IT infrastructure magician, with over 13 years of experience in clustering and storage management, PaaS, Virtualization, network security & design, server hardening, server administration and IT services management. He desings terrabytes crunching architectures for our clients. His long list of credentials include RHCA, RHCE, CCNA, CCDA, MCSE, CNE.
Archana Shukla
Callsign: Eddy
Delivery Manager
Archana takes care of end to end project delivery and client communication for us.
An avid coder herself, she has 8 years of experience, led several demanding projects and delivered them succesfully.
Her expertise include project management, agile development, web application development, SoA and service design, database migration, design and optimization, scalability design.
Dheeraj Soni
Callsign: rapidfire
Java, Hadoop Developer
Dheeraj holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology. He is always restless about doing things incrementally better. His expertise lies in java, systems integration, Hadoop, Sqoop, Flume, Hive, HBase, Weka, Tez, Storm and Mahout.
Anil M.
Callsign: Dutch
Web Developer
Anil is our full-stack developer. He is a Graduate in Computer Science with an enviable list of tools in his arsenal. AngularJS, NodeJS, PHP, HTML5, Bootstarp, jQuery, MySQL, NuoDB and MongoDB are his core tools.
Aman Williams
Callsign: Rabbit
Android Developer
Aman holds a Masters in Computer Application. He is an avid coder and strong usability advocate. Android Studio, Intel XDK, Ionic are his tools of choice. He is an expert in location aware, secure, offline and wearble apps.


Our clients say it all...
  • Best data integration parnter

    Olif Smith
    We were introduced to team Zettamonk, about 3 years ago. We were at a very critical point in our product development. A lot of architectural decisions were pending and many integration tasks were far behind the schedule. But once Zettamonk was onboarded as a software development and data integration provider, things started to lineup very quickly. These folks have been very quick, technically competent and effective in solving business problems with their no-nonsense approach. Their breadth and depth of knowledge and pure intuition in integrating wide variety of hardware and software platforms is commendable. Of all the companies that we initially evaluated, Zettamonk is THE best data integration company in India. We cherish our partnership with Zettamonk.

    Complete Mobility Solution

    Laura M. Rodriguez
    We have worked together for over 2 years now, and Zettamonk has become more of a strategic partner instead of just a software development provider. Zettamonk has worked in tandem with us towards delivering enterprise mobility solutions to some very prestigious clients in Healthcare domain. Their extreme emphasis on usability and scalability ensures that the devliered software product is top class. Zettamonk uses lean approach for software development, which meant quicker turnaround times, minimal waste of time and speedy validations of the assumptions. Their expertize in new teachnology stack (Node, Angular etc.) and data analytics (esp. hadoop) is indispensable for any modern software product or service.

    Bigdata Experts

    Jan Binas
    We approached Zettamonk to help us develop a big data enabled solution with very complex and specific requirements and a short delivery cycle. Not only have they innovated at every level of application and system design, they have also immersed themselves in the demands of this vertical market space. Their unique delivery process which minimised the risk of uncertainity at every phase was very helpful. The team's knowledge on Hadoop tools is very impressive. Zettamonk has exceeded our expectations in every way with agility, technical know how and experience in delivering this solution.
We pride ourselves in being equipped with the modern technology stack. We have invested a lot of time on building the competency in these tools and aligning them with our lean processes.


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