apVIP is a fully integrated solution for customer loyalty management for Casinos.

It is a hybrid software solution that offers features like geo-fencing, indoor location, managed promotional campaigns, integration with point-of-sale system, kitchen ordering system, integration with casino management system, detailed customer profiling and analytics and customer behaviour analytics.

TapVIP has been designed from ground-up considering the unique needs of Casino industry and integrates seamlessly with other software/hardware components of a Casino Property.

TapVIP utilizes a wide array of tools and techniques that have been fine-tuned, tweaked and perfected by our R&D lab. The primary objective of all these tools and techniques is to enable Casinos:

  1. enhance the experience of VIP gamblers at casino
  2. build a 360° view of VIP gamblers' profile
  3. run highly targeted promotional and loyalty reward campaigns
  4. connect with the VIP gamblers in a unique and non-intrusive way
  5. increase the net return scores (the percentage of guests who are very likely to return minus the percentage who are very unlikely to return)

The interactive mobile app(Android & iOS) becomes the primary interface for VIPs to benefit from all the features.


You can plan highly customised promotional offers on the basis of VIP gamblers current location and his preferences. The promotions and messages can be directly delivered to the patron's mobile devices. The highly customised promotions will attract VIP gamblers to your property and engage them. You could offer exclusive facilities to VIP gamblers like food & drinks ordering via their phone, room booking, chek-in/out and many more. All the data is recorded for advanced analytics which can help you answer questions like:

  • Who are you most valued gamblers and what do they like?
  • What is the success rate of the promotional offers?
  • Which VIP are in near vicinity and likely to visit if prompted?
  • What is the detailed profile and influencing factor of a particular gambler?
  • Which tables are attracting most public attention?


TapVIP is always installed on-premise and data is encrypted for privacy protection.

TapVIP ideally suited for casino properties willing to differentiate themselves from their competitors with the help of technology.

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