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Consortium Zettamonk, Eliphaz, Baselayer
Private Beta April 7th, 2015
  • Uses Hadoop
  • Uses In-memory File System
  • Offers Full Stack Solution
  • Easy To Integrate

Simply put, Trade Wall-E is a call generation system that can execute trade automatically at high frequency.

Trade Wall-E is a culmination of years of extensive research in technical analysis, simulation and mathematical optimization. Combined with cutting-edge advances in big-data and in-memory file system. It is a full-stack, ready-to-use solution which contains propritory algorithms invented by Eliphaz, perfected and tweaked by Zettamonk to run custom-tailored hadoop architecture on top of modular server cluster of Baselayer.

It's a real feat of engineering. Trade Wall-E can evaluate a north of 1 billion scenarios in less than 140 seconds. Its currently running succefully on NSE(INDIA) data. It uses standard market indicators as well as custom indicators derived by R&D team from historical data as its learning set. The accuracy of the calls generated by this system is 97% and its solely focussed on intra-day trading.

Trade Wall-E comes as a prebuilt unit composed of hardware and software that can be plugged into your network. It can then pull-up historical data from a specified node in LAN and run the simulation. It can also instruct trading clients like ODIN trading platform and trade-tiger to execute transactions.

Trade Wall-E is the most revolutionary product that we have ever built. The amount of interdisciplinary knowledge that has gone into building it is stupendous. We have deployed experts on optimization theory, game theory, bigdata analytics, server architecture, stock market trading to work several all-nighters to build this fine product. Not only clients but all the founders and investors also use it to execute their intra-day trading calls. The biggest testimony to its success is the rate of returns that it has yielded consistently so far.
Team Zettamonk

Full Stack

It comes as ready to use package with its own server hardware, OS and software.


Integrates seamlessly with your trading processes and IT insfrastructure.


The calls generated are guaranteed to be accurate atleast 97%.


It has a sophisticated tuning interface where all the parameters of the system can be tuned.


Trade Wall-E is truely built out of our passion towards share trading and technology. We are continuously evolving it into a platform that can also be used for future, commodities and currency markets. Please feel free to write to us for a demo and see it in action-